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3rd International Seminar

English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI): embracing pluricultural education

The Language Centre of the UPV organises a biannual seminar focusing on contemporary issues in languages in Higher Education.

  3rd international Seminar:  16th, 17th and 18th  May 2019

English as a Medium of Instruction is seen as a desirable offer from many universities, not only to attract students but also to prepare them for the world of work. This conference explores the potential and pitfalls of delivering education programmes using the English language.

The seminar aims to address the following themes.

  • The classroom: a pluricultural and pluralingual environment
  • Monolingualism and target language dominance
  • Translanguaging, engaging learners’ entire linguistic resource
  • The political or the pedagogical – bridging the gap
  • Teacher training for EMI – establishing best practices
  • Assessment in EMI – the content/language balance
  • The EMI spectrum – defining immersion, CLIL and target-language delivery
  • EMI – the learner’s perspective
  • Teacher or facilitator – equipping teachers for EMI
  • Policy and practice – the role of content teachers and language teachers

We invite proposals on any of these themes and we are especially interested in teachers sharing their experiences.  This list is representative not exclusive.


* The official Language of the conference is English but other languages may be used to deliver talks. We offer language support to translate the slides of accepted talks into English.




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